Ftag of the Week – F825 Provide/ Obtain Specialized Rehab Services

This week’s “Ftag of the Week” in our blog series is F825 Provide/ Obtain Specialized Rehab Services. Specialized Rehab services are those that are required as part of the resident’s comprehensive care plan, including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Rehabilitative Services for mental illness and intellectual disability

You may remember that in Phase 1, Respiratory Therapy was added to the list of services a facility must provide or obtain from an outside service when such services are included in a resident’s plan of care. Restorative Services, as per MDS Section O, are not considered to be specialized rehab; these services are Nursing interventions.

The Interpretive Guidance (IG) for F825 spells out the expectation for facilities – not only do these services need to be delivered and interventions be in place, but they must be monitored for effectiveness and show that residents were assisted with attaining/maintaining their highest practicable level of physical, mental, function and psychosocial well-being or helped to prevent or slow a decline in condition. The facility must also ensure that residents with a Mental Disorder (MD), Intellectual Disability (ID) or related condition receive services as determined by their PASARR. Renumbered Ftags based on the RoP’s expanded guidance related to PASARR are:

  • F644 Coordination of PASARR and Assessment
  • F645 PASARR Screening for MD & ID
  • F646 MD/ID Significant Change Notification

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