Ftag of the Week – F584 Safe/ Clean/ Comfortable/ Homelike Environment

This week’s “Ftag of the Week” in our blog series is F584, which is the current F252 Safe/ Clean/ Comfortable/ Homelike Environment, but starting November 28, 2017, several existing Ftags will be combined into this updated Ftag. While the renumbered Ftags include many new tags, the decision to group these related tags together under one umbrella makes sense. The Ftags that will be moved into F584 include:

  • F253 Housekeeping and Maintenance Services
  • F254 Clean Bed/Bath Linens in Good Condition
  • F256 Adequate and Comfortable Lighting Levels
  • F257 Comfortable and Safe Temperature Levels
  • F258 Maintenance of Comfortable Sound Levels
  • F461 Bedroom – Window/ Floor, Bed/ Furniture/ Closet

F584 states that residents have the “right to a safe, clean comfortable and homelike environment, including but not limited to receiving treatment and supports for daily living safely,” including that the physical layout of the facility “maximizes resident independence” and does not create a safety risk. The facility is also charged with exercising “reasonable care” for protecting residents’ property from loss or theft. What else is required?

  • Housekeeping and maintenance services necessary to maintain a sanitary, orderly, and comfortable interior (F253)
  • Clean bed and bath linens that are in good condition (F254)
  • Adequate and comfortable lighting levels in all areas (F256)
  • Comfortable and safe temperature levels. Facilities initially certified after October 1, 1990 must maintain a temperature range of 71 to 81°F (F257)
  • The maintenance of comfortable sound levels (F258)
  • Private closet space in each resident room (F461 – refer to F916 §483.90 (e)(2)(iv) which states that the facility must provide “Functional furniture appropriate to the resident’s needs, and individual closet space in the resident’s bedroom with clothes racks and shelves accessible to the resident.”). Private closet space, per the IG, means that each resident’s clothing is kept separate from his/her roommate’s clothing.

Are all these numbers confusing? Check out the updated list of Ftags effective November 28, 2017 here. You can view CMS Compliance Group’s “Ftag of the Week” blog series here, or you can click the relevant link below:

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