No Firm Date for QAPI Regulation & SNF Open Door Forum Recap

During the June 13, 2013 CMS SNF Open Door Forum, a key topic on the agenda was QAPI. As you know, CMS rolled out a set of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement materials on June 7th. During the call, the speakers announced that a regulation is still being worked on, and these materials serve as a good jumping-off point for long term care facilities that are looking to get a head start on this initiative.

Another important topic that was covered was the information that was released on May 24, 2013 regarding updates to Appendix PP at F-309 and F-329, as well as the update to Appendix P regarding traditional survey sampling of residents with dementia who are on antipsychotic medications.

CMS also provided MDS updates regarding some recent information that has been distributed. The online training video for “Discharge Assessments and the Use of Dashes” was referenced, which can be found here if you haven’t seen it. CMS noted that the video can only be played using YouTube right now but they are working on enhancing the technology that they are using for future training sessions (next one will be released in the fall).

To view the agenda for the June 13, 2013 Open Door Forum Call, please click here. While we have provided the pertinent points of the call in this post, instructions for listening to the encore presentation can also be found on the agenda link.

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