LTCSP Materials Revised to Reflect Infection Control Changes (Effective 4/1/2024)

Hot off the presses! On April 1, 2024 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released updated Critical Element Pathways to reflect the recent announcement requiring Enhanced Barrier Precautions in nursing homes. That requirement, effective April 1, 2024, impacts infection control requirements for high-contact resident care activities – such as those which may occur in one of the many clinical areas covered by the revised Critical Element Pathways below.

The following CE Pathways were revised related to the content of QSO-24-08-NH addressing CDC recommendations for use of EBP.

  • CMS-20054 Infection Prevention Control and Immunization
  • CMS-20068 Urinary Catheter or UTI
  • CMS-20070 Dental
  • CMS-20071 Dialysis
  • CMS-20078 Pressure Ulcer
  • CMS-20081 Respiratory Care
  • CMS-20093 Tube Feeding

These new Critical Element Pathways are effective today, April 1, 2024, so heads up when you go into survey. The updated Survey Resources folder (.zip) includes all the revised documents.

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