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Service Details – Survey Readiness

Survey Readiness

Is your organization preparing for a recertification survey? CMS Compliance Group’s consultants have been in your shoes, so they know your departments, its challenges and have the knowledge to assist with addressing potentially problematic systems ahead of your survey. The core of our business is compliance and quality improvement, and helping clients achieve good survey outcomes is our goal.

CMSCG Mock Surveys

CMS Compliance Group, Inc.’s mock survey services assess your organization’s survey readiness by completing the same tasks performed by surveyors. Clients can leverage the depth of our interdisciplinary team for a mock survey, or leverage specific disciplines for a focused mock survey. The team completes policy reviews, interviews residents, conducts observations of residents and the environment, and reviews medical records to identify potential trouble areas that need to be addressed for compliance.

Full-Team Mock Survey

CMSCG’s interdisciplinary team assesses your whole building’s survey readiness, leveraging each consultant’s expertise. This comprehensive options ensures every department receives recommendations.

Focused Mock Survey

Clients who have identified key areas of concern can choose a targeted mock survey to review specific departments or systems needing review before survey.

Quality Assurance/ Monitoring

Clients dedicated to ensuring every day survey-readiness utilize quality monitoring consultants at routine intervals. Adjunct offering combined with mock surveys or stand-alone option available.

Remote Reviews/ Auditing

CMSCG’s consultants perform proactive medical record reviews and provide review findings to assist clients with addressing problematic areas. Adjunct offering combined with mock surveys or stand-alone option available.

Some clients choose to have CMSCG staff on-site during their actual survey. Our consultants can be on-site to assist you during survey and provide problem-solving assistance to Administration/ Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose CMSCG for Survey Readiness?

CMSCG consultants have extensive experience with the survey process, having lived through it themselves and providing on-site support to clients during actual surveys.

We use proprietary analytics and data to help clients understand how issues are being identified by their local survey teams no matter where they are located.

What If We Have Corporate/ Regional Staff?

CMSCG routinely works with organizations that have their own resources in place. Internal mock surveys are a great tool. CMSCG Mock Surveys provide an unbiased set of eyes, allowing the review to more accurately reflect the third-party review by the actual survey team.

Can You Do a Remote Mock Survey?

CMSCG’s philosophy is that for an organization to receive the biggest benefit of a mock survey, it should be on-site. However, we recognize that for some providers, that just isn’t feasible. We can work with you on a custom solution to help fit your needs.

Can You Assist New Management?

CMSCG consultants work with our clients to provide management assistance and mentoring to individuals who are new to their role or who could use some additional mentoring to assist with compliance knowledge.

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