LTC Health FY24 Mandated Federal Monitoring Surveys Updated

On March 13, 2024, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revised Admin Memo 24-12-NH, “Guidance for Federal Monitoring Surveys (FMS).” The revisions to this Memo now reflect the number of statutorily mandated Federal Monitoring Surveys for Fiscal Year 2024. The required number of FMS for FY 2025 is not expected until the end of February 2025, when the required totals for the total number of nursing homes surveyed in each state during the previous Fiscal Year are available.

For an overview of LTC Health Federal Monitoring Surveys and to review the original Admin Memo issued in November 2023, view this CMSCG Blog post, “CMS Issues Guidance for Federal Monitoring Surveys.”

Here’s a quick recap of the number of mandated LTC Health FMS by CMS Location for FY24, with the changes from the estimated number in the November 2023 Memo indicated after:

  • Boston – 47 (+1)
  • New York – 48 (-2)
  • Philadelphia – 67 (-3)
  • Atlanta – 118 (-7)
  • Chicago – 166 (-1)
  • Dallas – 106 (+1)
  • Kansas City – 70 (no change)
  • Denver – 36 (no change)
  • San Francisco – 76 (no change)
  • Seattle – 27 (no change)

For full details on which states/ CMS Locations have more or less requirements, view the revised Admin Memo here.

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