Ftag of the Week – F908 Essential Equipment, Safe Operating Condition

This week’s Ftag of the Week is part of the Physical Environment regulatory group, F908 Essential Equipment, Safe Operating Condition. The regulation requires that facilities maintain all mechanical, electrical and patient care equipment in safe operating condition. The inclusion of “all” types of equipment includes everything from unit refrigerators, kitchen equipment to laundry machines. The regulation also states that all equipment must be maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

However, while the regulatory guidance itself is brief, it leaves much room for identifying deficient practices, particularly through visual inspection. Facilities have already been cited under the LTCSP for the following:

  • Broken shelf in a nourishment refrigerator
  • Side rail that was broken and held together with clear tape
  • Suction machines with no inspection labels
  • Lack of backflow protection in sanitizer sink
  • Shower stall filled with resident equipment

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