This week’s Ftag of the Week is F696 Prostheses. The regulation at F696 requires nursing facilities to ensure that residents who have prostheses are provided with care and assistance to wear and use the prosthetic device. The care/ assistance given must be in accordance with the person-centered care plan, the resident’s goals and preferences, and consistent with professional standards of practice. It is noted that this requirement does not mean the facility has to purchase/ provide funding for the device, but that the non-availability of program funding does not relieve the facility of its obligation to ensure residents received all services needed. This requires the facility to assist the resident in securing any available resources to obtain the needed services.

The Interpretive Guidance for F696 refers surveyors to the relevant MDS sections, but also relies on observations. Those observations include identifying if residents are wearing prostheses as ordered, if the devices fit correctly, and if the prosthesis is in good condition or in need or repair. Surveyors are instructed to check if the resident can apply the prosthesis independently or needs assistance, and to see if the skin that is in contact with the device is free of abrasions/ wounds/ irritation.

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