Ftag of the Week – F569 Notice and Conveyance of Personal Funds

Next up on the CMSCG Blog “Ftag of the Week,” we will review one of the Resident Rights regulations, F569 Notice and Conveyance of Personal Funds. There are two different requirements in this regulation. The first requirement is about notice of certain personal funds balances and the second is conveyance of personal funds upon discharge, death or eviction.

Required Notifications – Certain Balances

There are two threshold notifications that must be made for residents on Medicaid:

  • Notification that the amount in the resident’s account has reached $200 less than the SSI resource limit for one individual
  • Notification that the resident may lose eligibility for Medicaid or SSI if the amount in the resident’s account, in addition to the value of other non-exempt resources, reaches the SSI resource limit for one individual

Conveyance of Resident Funds

Within 30 days of a resident’s discharge, death or eviction from the facility, the provider must convey the resident’s funds and a final account of those funds to the appropriate party. This may be either the resident or, if the resident is deceased, whoever has been designated responsibility for administering the resident’s estate (in accordance with State law).

On Survey

While this is not a frequently cited deficiency on survey, there are a couple ways that an issue at F569 could be identified on survey. A surveyor could determine through interview with the resident/representative if the resident lost his/her SSI or Medicaid eligibility. If so, then the surveyor would dig deeper to see if the loss was the result of the facility failing to notify the resident/ representative.

Related to conveyance of funds, a surveyor may identify during closed record review if the resident’s personal funds and final accounting of those funds were conveyed to the appropriate party within 30 days of the resident’s discharge/ death/ eviction. Administration should ensure that the responsible staff are following your State’s specific requirements for disbursing these funds, as that is part of what is checked when a determination is made if the appropriate actions were taken by the facility. It would not take long to self-determine if you are compliant with this regulation if someone in the Finance Department were assigned to audit every couple of months.

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