Ftag of the Week – F574 Required Notices and Communication

This week’s CMSCG “Ftag of the Week” is F574 Required Notices and Contact Information, which the current F156 covers. Many of the requirements of F574 were already implemented in Phase 1, but there are some things worth highlighting under this tag. F574 Required Notices and Contact Information states that residents have the right to receive:

  • Information/Contact Information for State and local advocacy organizations, including:
    • State Survey Agency
    • State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
    • State protection and advocacy system
  •  Information regarding Medicare/Medicaid eligibility and coverage
  • Contact information for Aging and Disability Resource Center or other No Wrong Door Program
  • Contact information for Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
  • Information and contact info for filing grievances or complaints concerning any suspected violations of state/federal regulations

Just remember that resident and resident representative interviews will be conducted during survey to determine how these notices and contact information are communicated and if the information was understood. This means you need to have systems in place to communicate this information verbally, in writing (including Braille) and in a language that the resident/representative can clearly understand. The Guidance for this Ftag includes nuances such as use of an interpreter including for communication via American Sign Language if needed. The bottom line for this regulation is that the notice and contact information needs to be presented in a manner that can be clearly comprehended by the individual resident/representative. If you are not sure that you have current contact information, review and update your information now.

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