Coronavirus Safety & Quality Commission for Nursing Homes Announced

Via a – Fact Sheet:

“President Donald J. Trump Remains Committed to Caring for Our Nation’s Seniors During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

This Fact Sheet outlines multiple initiatives the Trump Administration is undertaking. A few to note:

  • The new rule requiring information about COVID-19 cases in nursing homes to be reported directly to the CDC will be finalized this week. The testing data will be posted online.
    • The rule will require nursing homes to report cases to residents and their family members.
  • A Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes is being established. This commission will include various industry experts, medical professionals, resident/patient advocates and their representatives, state/local authorities and infection prevention and control specialists.
  • FEMA supplemental shipments of PPE will be sent to all Medicare & Medicaid certified nursing homes across the country.
  • CMS is providing States with $81 million from the CARES Act to increase nursing home inspections during this pandemic

View the full April 30, 2020 Fact Sheet for more information.

*EDIT – We are adding additional information on this initiative based on information provided by the Trump Administration below:

Via a Press Release issued April 30, 2020 – “CMS Announces Independent Commission to Address Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes:”

The Task Force, which is expected to convene in May, will develop recommendations related to these three tasks:

  • Putting nursing home residents first by ensuring they are protected from COVID-19 and improving the responsiveness of care delivery to maximize the quality of life for residents
  • Strengthening efforts to enable rapid identification and mitigation of COVID-19 transmission (and other infectious diseases) in nursing homes
  • Enhancing strategies to improve compliance with infection control practices in response to COVID-19

Read the full media release here.

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