OIG Effort to Assess Nursing Home Antipsychotic Use Called Off (via McKnight’s)

Our friends over at McKnight’s Long Term Care News are reporting this morning that the Center for Public Integrity has obtained a document including information that the OIG’s assessment of antipsychotic drug use in nursing homes – among other projects – will not be moving forward. This had been part of their 2013 Work Plan, but will not be taking place due to budget and staff cuts. The initiative to look more deeply into antipsychotic drugs was due, in part, to the scathing results of the OIG’s July 2012 report, “Nursing Facility Assessments and Care Plans for Residents Receiving Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs.”

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  1. Melinda Goslin

    I think the OIG needs to focus on getting mental health services into nursing facilities to deal with these issues. If we can’t use the same drugs that hospitals use to manage behaviors then we need more resources.

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