Senators Add to Pressure for Increased Survey & Certification Activity

Last week, our friends at McKnight’s posted a letter that Senators Bill Nelson and Charles Grassley wrote to Marilyn Tavenner to express their concern about the quality of care being provided in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). For readers of the CMSCG Blog, this should not be that surprising. A series of reports by various agencies in the past few years have reflected quality of care concerns and take note of large Medicare spends in the associated populations of the reports.

The Senators, citing two recent OIG reports, are requesting information on how CMS will be improving the survey and certification process. Our blog posts, “59% of Adverse & Temporary Harm Events during SNF Stays Preventable, OIG Finds” and “OIG Report: Nursing Home Hospitalizations Need Better Monitoring” will give you the facts you need to know about those two reports.

If you aren’t subscribed to CMS Compliance Group’s mailing list yet, then you missed our most recent CMSCG Bulletin article, “CMS Plans for Increased Survey & Certification Activity,” which outlines the variety of moves CMS is making to increase S&C activity. Since this trend is so important to the LTC community, we figured we would give our blog readers a peek at what’s on deck. Should your facility require assistance with survey preparation or post-survey consulting services, CMS Compliance Group can help. Contact us today.

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