Long Term Care Industry News Recap (Week of November 5, 2012)

As many of us on the East Coast waited to get our power back and some warmth, we were hit by a Nor’easter, which has just lengthened the recovery process. We missed last week’s recap due to the weather, but take a look at these important healthcare articles for this week’s selection:

  • Making DNRs a part of SNFs | McKnight’s Long Term Care News | ow.ly/f23jY
  • Are psychiatric drugs overused at VA nursing homes? | Futurity News | ow.ly/f1IH2
  • Long Shifts Lead to Nurse Burnout & Dissatisfied Patients, Study Finds | ADVANCE for Nurses | http://ow.ly/f9G2A
  • Hospice pay rule may actually drive more aggressive treatment, researchers say | McKnight’s Long Term Care News | ow.ly/eYELX
  • Home Health Final Rule Issued by CMS | LeadingAge |ow.ly/f6udI

This ABC News article is certainly an uplifting story for all of us who are dedicated to the field of healthcare and is a great example of the “all hands of deck” approach needed in a disaster: NICU Nursed Who Saved Babies Remember Harrowing, Triumphant Hurricane Night.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute, please reply to the comments section below. We are wishing all of you a warm, safe weekend and a speedy recovery from the past two weeks’ storms. If there is anything we can do to help you and your facility, please let us know.


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