MDS 3.0 Provider Updates: “Discharge Assessments and the Use of Dashes”

CMS has posted its first online training video for 2013, “Discharge Assessments and the Use of Dashes,” which will be part of its series on post-acute care topics. This video focuses on newer discharge assessments as well as how to properly code using dashes.

  • To view the video, click here.
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One thought on “MDS 3.0 Provider Updates: “Discharge Assessments and the Use of Dashes”

  1. Please note this message from CMS:

    September 06, 2013

    MDS 3.0 Provider Updates: ‘Discharge Assessments and the Use of Dashes’ video has been uploaded to YouTube (previous url did not work) and can be found in the Related Links section on this page or at: (Please note that there potentially can be a lag time in viewing materials subsequent to the posting request, so if not viewable check back in 24 hours). Discharge Assessments and the Use of Dashes are addressed in our new MDS 3.0 Provider Update Training Series. This training series is the first web-based training offered in 2013 to providers addressing post-acute care topics. Video No. 1 covers MDS 3.0 updates for the Nursing Home setting. It includes a CMS Introduction, a panel presentation explaining what the MDS 3.0 RAI Manual and the MDS 3.0 Assessment Instrument are, and includes two training topics. The first training topic focuses on our relatively new discharge assessments, and the second topic explains how to properly code with dashes. We apologize at this time there is no alternate viewing available, however PowerPoint slides on these topics will be available in the near future that you may download.

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