The QIS is coming . . . are you prepared?

Here at CMS Compliance Group’s headquarters in New York State, we are seeing an increasing number of Quality Indicator Surveys . . . So many, in fact, that many of our clients are reaching out to us for mock surveys assuming that their next survey will be a QIS. We have been providing numerous education sessions both in and out of state to help facilities prepare for the Quality Indicator Survey whether it has arrived or if they are just proactively preparing their staff for these new changes.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has adjusted its initial implementation schedule, but has placed states into bands to roll out the QIS:

Band 1: Delaware, Maine, Vermont, Georgia, Arizona

Band 2: Colorado, Nebraska, District of Columbia, Indiana, Oregon, Utah, New York

Band 3 (QIS implementation reported to begin July 2012): New Jersey (at a QI education program taught by CMSCG President Linda Elizaitis, we heard NJ’s QIS implementation may occur in Oct. 2012), Arkansas, Hawaii, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma

Band 4: Texas, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Missouri, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota

Band 5: Pennsylvania, Michigan, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Montana, Nevada

CMS Compliance Group can help get your facility learn more about the Quality Indicator Survey so your staff is properly prepared. Our experienced consultants have been on site with many of our clients for their QIS and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your facility’s success.  Check out our QIS Survey Preparation Services or contact us today to learn more about our pre-survey and post-survey consulting services for your facility.


Band One






Band Two



District of Columbia




New York

Band Three (this implementation is reported to begin in July of 2012) Iowa

New Jersey (at a QI education program CMSCG President Linda Elizaitis taught in New Jersey, we heard that NJ will have its QIS implementation in October 2012)



South Carolina




Band Four


Rhode Island



New Hampshire


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