Nursing Home 2013-2014 Surveillance Objectives and Updates – Southern NY Association

CMS Compliance Group President Linda Elizaitis will be speaking with NYSDOH’s Keith Servis, Director of the Center for Health Care Quality and Surveillance, Office of Health Systems Management and Rita Amigdalos, President/Consultant Pharmacist at Elite Pharmacy Consulting Services for a Southern New York Association education session on March 5, 2013. The program, “Nursing Home 2013-2014 Surveillance Objectives and Updates” will provide information on the following topics:

  • Survey goals and objectives for 2013-2014
  • Nursing Home Survey Performance
  • Citations Issued
  • Complaint Program-Incident Reporting System
  • QIS Survey Updates
  • New York State Antipsychotic Initiative

Registration information and the brochure for this seminar can be found on the Southern New York Association website.

One thought on “Nursing Home 2013-2014 Surveillance Objectives and Updates – Southern NY Association

  1. Please note that all CMS Compliance Group clients can use the SNYA member rate to sign up for this seminar.

    Jackie Pappalardi, Director, Division of Residential Services, NYSDOH will be joining Linda Elizaitis in lieu of Keith Servis.

    Also added to the agenda is Rita Amigdalos, President/ Consultant Pharmacist, Elite Pharmacy Consulting Services.

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