LTCSP Survey Resources Updated 4/7/2022

An updated Survey Resources folder for the Long-Term Care Survey Process was published on April 7, 2022. According to the Revision History, the following items have been updated:

1. FIC folder (FIC Survey Protocol, FIC Survey Entrance Conference Worksheet, CMS 20054-Infection Prevention Control and Immunization, QSO-20-39-NH Revised, QSO-20-38-NH Revised, Staff Matrix for F888 only)

2. Entrance Conference Worksheet

3. LTCSP Procedure Guide

4. Staff Matrix for F888

5. LTC Survey Pathways (CMS 20054-Infection Prevention Control and Immunization)

6. F Tag Waiver Guide

7. K Tag Waiver Guide

You can download the Survey Resources with Staff Vaccine Documents 04/07/2022 on the CMS website.

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