Join CMS Compliance Group for a Seminar in Syracuse on 4/29/2022

On April 29, 2022, please join Linda Elizaitis, President of CMS Compliance Group for a New York Association of Long Term Care Administrators (NYALTCA) Seminar.

Seminar Title: Understanding the Current Regulatory Landscape and Its Impact on Survey


After a long time focusing on COVID-19 and Infection Control-related requirements, it’s time for Administrators to ensure that their buildings are thinking beyond COVID and addressing what may have “fallen through the cracks” in the past couple years. There’s an increasing focus by regulators to put pressure on nursing homes to improve their quality of care, and with that, providers should expect tougher surveys going forward. The discussion will cover the growing scrutiny on Life Safety Code deficiencies and Emergency Preparedness Planning.

During this program, attendees will:

  • Understand key regulatory initiatives to be aware of and how they impact nursing home providers
  • Receive a refresher on the Long-Term Care Survey Process to get attendees back into a mindset of being “survey ready”
  • Recognize commonly cited deficiencies in New York, including those cited at the highest level, Immediate Jeopardy, to understand how to improve their own systems to avoid potentially negative outcomes
  • Understand that just because survey’s over, the work isn’t.  A discussion of post-survey activities, including everything from what to do when you receive a 2567 to what needs to be considered for an Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) request will be provided.

View the Registration Form and sign-up details on the NYALTCA website.

6 CEUs are available for this all-day education session and is open to members as well as non-members.

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