Understanding the Updated LSC & Emergency Preparedness Requirements

Join NYSHFA and CMS Compliance Group’s

Jim Houle, ME/Life Safety Consultant


Jason Elizaitis, Technology and Risk Consultant

for a 2-hour audio conference on March 17, 2017, “Understanding the Updated Life Safety Code & Emergency Preparedness Requirements.”

Session Overview:

The sweeping regulatory changes of 2016 for healthcare providers did not just affect health-related compliance requirements, but also impacted environmental/building-related requirements as well. The adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code resulted in significant changes to the LSC Manual, including updated K-tags numbers and allowances for providers to create a more “homelike” environment. At the same time, the requirements for nursing facilities to have comprehensive Emergency Preparedness plans in place at the end of 2017 will provide a challenge to providers as well, as these requirements cover everything from personnel to the physical environment. The presenters will help attendees to understand the core changes to the LSC and what to look for on survey going forward and provide an overview of what providers need to be thinking about when they begin to develop an acceptable Emergency Preparedness plan.

NYSHFA members and Non-Members are welcome to join this call. View the brochure and registration information here.

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