Ftags of the Week – F940, F941 and F942 – Training Requirements

When the Requirements of Participation were updated, a new regulatory group, Training Requirements, was added. The majority of the requirements in this section become effective in Phase 3, however, several of the regulations are already in effect. F943 Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Training, F947 Required In-Service Training for Nurse Aides and F948 Training for Feeding Assistants were effective as of 11/28/17. In this week’s “Ftag of the Week” post on the CMSCG Blog, we are going to look at three other requirements in the Training Requirements regulatory group, F940 Training Requirements, F941 Communication Training and F942 Resident’s Rights Training. All three of these Ftags become effective in Phase 3, November 28, 2019.

F940 Training Requirements

F940 Training Requirements is the general requirement for facilities to develop, implement and maintain an effective training program that is based on the Facility Assessment. Training must be completed for new staff, existing staff, contracted individuals and volunteers (consistent with their roles). The amount and type of training required should be reflective of the services and patient acuity identified in the Facility Assessment. F940 states that training topics must include, but are not limited to Communication, Resident’s Rights, QAPI, Infection Control, Compliance and Ethics, Behavioral Health and the three areas mentioned above under F943, F947 and F948. You should compare these topics with your new staff member’s orientation training topics as well as your annual mandatory reeducation plan.

F941 Communication Training

The requirement at F941 states that facilities must have mandatory training for direct care staff on effective communications. Throughout the RoPs, the importance of communication is emphasized, including for communication across all shifts and information sharing between staff, residents and representatives. Direct care staff need to understand their responsibilities for reporting change in condition and sharing information between team members for continuity in care provided that is based on individualized interventions. This mandatory training becomes effective in Phase 3.

F942 Resident’s Rights Training

The requirement at F942 notes that facilities must ensure that all staff members – not just direct care staff – receive education on resident’s rights and the facility’s responsibilities in providing care for its residents. Under F550 Resident’s Rights, residents have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and all interactions with residents by staff must assist the residents in maintaining/enhancing their self-esteem and self-worth, show respect for each resident’s individuality and incorporate the residents’ goals, choices and preferences. This training requirement is probably in place at most facilities, but for any facility that does not have this topic included in its staff education needs to have it in place for Phase 3.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at the other training topics under this regulatory group. You can also join CMS Compliance Group, Inc. President Linda Elizaitis on our next Pharmscript webinar, “Phase 3 Competencies & Training – Not Just for Nursing” March 19 at 1PM EST. Registration details can be found here.

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