Ftag of the Week – F624 Orientation for Transfer or Discharge

This week’s Ftag of the Week is F624 Orientation for Transfer or Discharge. Being transferred to a different setting, whether it is the Emergency Room or to a lower level of care can create anxiety for a resident, so nursing facilities are charged with minimizing this stress in the new RoPs.

The regulation for F624 states that facilities must provide and document sufficient preparation and orientation to residents to ensure a safe and orderly transfer or discharge. The orientation needs to be provided in a form/manner that the resident can understand, taking into account things such as language or communication barriers and ability to understand.

The Interpretive Guidance at F624 provides examples that serve as good reminders of things not to forget. This includes working with the resident representative/ family to ensure that all of the resident’s possessions are not lost or left behind. Facilities also must explain to the resident why they are going to another location or leaving the facility, and must ensure that staff handle these transfers/discharges in a way that minimizes the resident’s anxiety or depression. The staff must be able to recognize a resident’s reactions that have been identified by the resident assessment and care plan.

We hope you have enjoyed our Ftag of the Week blog series. This will be the last post in this series for 2017, but we’ll be back at it in January. The CMSCG team wishes you and your loved ones all the best during this holiday season and health and happiness in 2018!

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