CMSCG Immediate Jeopardy Series Recap

CMS Compliance Group took a look at nursing home Immediate Jeopardy situations over the past few blog entries. If you missed any of this important information for your facility, you can review all our posts by following the links below:

Introduction to Breaking Down a Nursing Home’s Immediate Jeopardy: View this blog post

Part 1: Immediate Jeopardy, defined – key terms you need to know: View this blog post

Part 2:  The Immediate Jeopardy Process, including key dates: View this blog post

Part 3: Remedies: Plan of Correction, Directed Plan and Directed InService: View this blog post

Part 4: Non-Compliance – Category 3 remedies: View this blog post

The number of deficiencies leading to Immediate Jeopardy is on the rise. Don’t let your facility get into this potentially detrimental situation by spending time proactively preparing for survey. Keep reading our blog for great tips and tricks that you need to know for nursing home compliance, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.