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Service Details – Behavioral Health Consulting

Nursing Home Behavioral Health Consulting

If your IDT is struggling to provide effective care to your residents with behavioral health concerns, such as Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), Serious Mental Illness (SMI), or other behaviors that cannot be easily managed, CMS Compliance Group can assist you.

Our behavioral health consultants can assist with review of high-risk areas of concern including:

  • Safe Smoking Programs
  • Care for Residents with Substance Use Disorders
  • Care for Residents with Dementia and Other Cognitive Impairments
  • Effective Behavior Management
  • Trauma-Informed Care

We can advise and assist with development and implementation of protocols, policies and procedures and programs to address the unique needs of today’s increasingly diverse nursing home population.

To learn more about CMSCG's nursing home consulting services:​

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