Person-centered care & staff-buy in in dementia care

Last week’s MLN Connects call featured the results of the OPTIMISTIC study for training nursing home staff to better address dementia-related behaviors and a case study on person-centered care. The contents of this call really struck home to us because two of our CMSCG Bulletin articles in 2015 have focused on these critical topics.

In January, CMSCG’s article, “Thinking OPTIMISTICally” focused on the OPTIMISTIC program, which seeks to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations through the principles of systems change, earlier detection and prevention. On the MLN Connects call, the focus of the discussion was placed on addressing dementia-related behaviors. Most of the organizations that were selected for the initial implementation made use of the INTERACT Tools. A new version of these tools was recently released, and provide an excellent foundation for providing better dementia care. The tools are based on the same research that is used in OASIS, which is that behaviors are communications of unmet needs.

In our May 2015 CMSCG Bulletin article, “Focusing on Dementia Care,” we reviewed the OASIS principles and some things to think about when providing dementia care. Since the focused dementia care surveys are being rolled out, and emphasis will be placed on the guidance at F-309 and F-329, trying to incorporate more individualized care planning and use of non-pharmacological interventions is something all facilities should continue to emphasize.

View the presentation slides from the June 16, 2015 MLN Connects National Provider Call: “National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes & Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI).


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