CMP Funds Available for Improving Dementia Care in Nursing Homes

CMS is soliciting grants for using available Federal Civil Monetary Funds (CMPs) to expand the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes. A S&C letter issued May 16, 2014, “Grant Solicitation for the Reinvestment of Federal Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Funds to Benefit Nursing Home Residents,” notes that $500,000 in CMP funds will be available over a 3 year period and funding will be awarded in 12 month budgets. CMS is asking providers to propose projects that would benefit their residents and build on the existing work of the National Partnership.

On Wednesday’s MLN Connects National Provider call for the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes, Dan Cohen of Music & Memory provided a recap of the manner in which two states have been given CMP funds for dementia care-related projects. In Wisconsin, 150 nursing homes have been provided with iPods for the program. Research is still underway, but early reported results indicate that there is less reliance on antipsychotic medications and a reduction in sundowning. Similarly, after viewing an award-winning documentary about Music & Memory, the Utah Healthcare Association has announced that they will be implementing this program at 100 of its member facilities.

Initiatives like these would be an excellent Performance Improvement Program (PIP) as part of your facility’s QAPI initiative even if you do not request funds for this or another project.

Information from the National Provider Call can be found on the CMS website, including an excerpt of the documentary.

Learn more about Wisconsin’s initiative here.

Read the letter (Ref: S&C 14-30-NH) on the CMS website.

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