MDS focused surveys to be implemented in 2015

In a February 13, 2015 S&C letter, “MDS / Staffing Focused Survey Updates,” CMS provided the results of its pilot study of the MDS focused survey which assessed the accuracy of MDS coding practices and how this coding affects the quality of care provided in nursing homes. Using a sample of 25 nursing homes from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois and Minnesota, surveyors and State RAI coordinators reviewed adherence to MDS 3.0 reporting requirements and evaluated the agreement between MDS assessments and the residents’ medical records.

The pilot study results show that RN coordination and MDS 3.0 scheduling generally do not have high levels of misreporting, but getting the same data into the MDS assessment as the medical record presents more of a problem. Areas that the study noted were noted as troublesome include:

  • Falls – severity and frequency
  • Late loss ADL status
  • Pressure ulcer status
  • Restraint use
  • Coding of specific diagnoses including UTIs

CMS has announced that the MDS focused survey will be expanded to all States, and will include a review of nursing home staffing. Training for surveyors will start in 2015 and the survey format will be rolled out in two phases. Regions and States will be assigned to one of these two groups which have not yet been announced.

Read CMS S&C letter Ref: S&C: 15-25-NH on the CMS website.

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