Top 10 Survey Deficiencies

CMS Compliance Group completed an analysis of the top 10 areas being cited using CMS data for the past 6 months of available data and discussed it with a national audience on a McKnight’s Long Term Care Super Tuesday webinar. Did you miss the event?

Well, if you didn’t get a chance to register or attend, you can review the list here and plan accordingly so your facility is always survey-ready and providing excellent quality of care.

Here’s the list:


  1. F-441 – Infection Control
  2. F-371 – Sanitary Conditions
  3. F-323 – Free of Accident Hazards / Supervision / Devices
  4. F-309 – Quality of Care
  5. F-279 – Develop Comprehensive Care Plan
  6. F-329 – Drug Regimen is Free from Unnecessary Drugs
  7. F-431 – Storage of Drugs and Biologicals
  8. F-514 – Resident Records – Complete / Accurate / Accessible
  9. F-241 – Dignity and Respect of Individuality
  10. F-281 – Services Provided Meet Professional Standards

What is your facility doing to prepare for survey year-round, not just in your survey window?

View McKnight’s article: “Survey expert provides insight on most common deficiencies” to get more tips.

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