Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) surveyors getting more training

In an August 28, 2015 CMS S&C letter, CMS outlines the revisions it has made to the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) training process. The letter outlines the QIS training requirements, including:

  • CMS Approved QIS Training – includes the specific training that Surveyors are required to obtain before being able to be a QIS surveyor.
  • QIS Training Survey of Record – replaces the “mock survey” that the new QIS Surveyor has to participate in with a QIS Trainer and two Registered QIS Surveyors. The newly trained surveyors will participate in Stage 1 and Stage 2 on a limited basis compared to the assignments of the experienced Surveyors.
  • Skills Assessment – replaces the previously used QIS compliance process. This tool ensures that the newly trained Surveyor has an understanding of the QIS process fundamentals, and all requirements of the assessment must be met before that individual can become a registered QIS surveyor.
  • Certified QIS Trainers
  • Live Webinar Trainings for QIS – includes QIS revisit training, QIS comparative training, Federal Oversight Quality Indicator Survey (FOQIS) training and more.

All QIS training protocols were updated in July, August and as recently as September 9, including the software portions to reflect the needs of State Agencies and Regional Offices.

Read CMS S&C letter, “Revised Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) Training Process and Clarification of Trainer Roles and Responsibilities” (Ref: S&C 15-50-NH).


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