HHS outlines results of falls reduction study and LTC impact

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a press release on a comprehensive falls prevention program that was developed by the Agency. The program, which is meant to reduce the use of long-term care services, examines risk factors for falls of older adults and includes clinical in-home assessments of health, physical function, and history of falls, medication use, and an examination of the person’s environment to reduce their likelihood of falling.

The study reviewed whether the individualized interventions created for study participants were effective and also the dollar value saved due to a reduction in long-term care insurance claims. Findings versus the control group include:

  • 13% lower rate of falls
  • 11% falls reduction risk
  • 33% lower amount of LTC insurance claims (3 year period)
  • $838 cost savings per person ($500 cost to administer intervention)

The full study is available in the June issue of Health Affairs (subscription required).

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