Payroll-Based Journal Update – Hires, Rehires, Terminations

CMS posted an update on February 17, 2017 to the PBJ website that includes information on changes that will make it easier for providers to submit hire, rehire and termination information. Specifically:

PBJ Data Submission Specifications Errata V2.00.3 for PBJ Data Submission Specifications V2.00.0

We are aware that some vendors and providers had difficulty submitting hire, termination, and rehire data for employees. An updated errata V2.00.3 has been posted for the PBJ Data Submission Specifications V2.00.0 and is now available in the download section below. V2.00.3 of the Errata will go into effect after the QIES March downtime of 3/19/2017. Two issues have been added to the errata:

(1) both the hireDate and terminationDate items are now considered optional, and

(2) edit -5001, which required that the same employeeID value could not be used more than once in a single PBJ submission XML file, is now deleted.

The resolution of these issues will result in changes to the PBJ system, a new XSD file for validating submission XML files, and an update to the PBJ Data Submission Specifications Overview document. These changes will make it easier for providers and vendors to successfully submit this information without receiving errors.

View the update in the “What’s New” section of the Payroll-Based Journal page on the CMS website.

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