Survey Trends in New York – NYSHFA Audio Conference 12/14/18

Linda Elizaitis, President of CMS Compliance Group will be presenting on survey trends in New York state on our end of year NYSHFA audio conference, “Survey Trends – What We’ve Learned in 2018 and Where to Focus in 2019.”

Date: December 14, 2018 10AM-12PM EST

Program Description:

Join NYSHFA on December 14th for the “Survey Trends-What We’ve Learned in 2018 and Where to Focus in 2019” Audio Conference.

In this audio conference, the presenter will review New York State survey trends under the Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) for 2018, including Health, Life Safety and Emergency Preparedness Planning. Providers will gain a better understanding of the associated systems and quality improvement enhancements that they can make to prevent deficiencies and improve the quality of care and services being provided. A review of Phase 3 components will also be provided to help orient providers as to what they need to focus on for 2019.

Registration details for NYSHFA members and non-members can be found here.

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