The new long-term care survey process is here

With November 28, 2017 right around the corner, we had been eagerly awaiting information on the new long-term care survey process. We will provide information on the CMSCG blog in a series of posts to make the information easily digestible, particularly for providers who were not one of the QIS states. The new survey process takes elements from both the traditional survey process as well as the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS). The biggest change? The whole survey process will be computerized.

The survey process will contain three parts:

  • Initial pool process – sample size based on census
  • Sample selection – selected by end of first day/beginning of second
  • Investigation – completed for the rest of the survey

CMS has been testing this process for a while now. Since May, 8 Regional Offices (RO) and 12 State Agencies (SA) have tested the process. Testing has been conducted in both traditional and QIS states, at facilities of differing characteristics. An analytics team has been reviewing facility quality issues against test survey findings to see if the issues were identified during the survey.

You can find information on the new long-term care survey process on the CMS website, and by checking back on the CMSCG Blog, where we will be reviewing everything you need to know before this process goes into effect.

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