New Long-Term Care Survey Process Resources Available (10/2023)

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) updated documents related to the Long-Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) on October 23, 2023. Per the revision history (10/26/2023), multiple LTCSP documents have been revised, including:

  • Pathways updated with “extensive” changes
  • Updated Entrance Conference Form
  • Mapping Document has been revised (predominantly around staffing)
  • Offsite Prep Worksheet revised to include review of staffing-related info
  • Revised LTCSP Procedure Guide
  • Revised LTCSP User Guide
  • Updated LTCSP Initial Pool Care Areas – RO Care Areas and Probes (.zip file)
  • Initial Surveys – Instructions updated for the interim LTC initial survey & certification process
  • CMS Form 802 – “Worsened pressure ulcers at any stage” has been removed from the doc.

The survey resources folder includes all the documents noted above, and can be downloaded here (.zip file).

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