Implementing a Successful Assisted Living QA Program (Webinar)

Join CMS Compliance Group President Linda Elizaitis on February 21, 2024 for a NYSCAL webinar.

Program Title: Implementing a Successful Assisted Living QA Program

Date & Time: February 21, 2024 10AM-12PM EST

Program Description:

Does your staff groan every time you mention monitoring or auditing? Your QA Program doesn’t need to be an enemy of the staff. Understanding the basics of Quality Assurance will help you achieve staff “buy-in” to the benefits of a sound and organized program. During this webinar, the presenter will provide insight on how your approach to presenting new ideas impacts goal achievement and the benefit of routine monitoring of facility-specific high-risk areas. The discussion will include recommendations for Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs).

2 CEUs available (ALAs/ LNHAs)

View the Program Brochure on the NYSHFA | NYSCAL website.

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