Double-Check Your Nursing Home COVID-19 Reporting Data

In looking through the Nursing Home COVID-19 Reporting Data Public Use Files, the CMSCG team has noticed that for the past several weeks, while compliance with reporting is generally in good shape nationally, there are between 500-550 providers each week that have submitted data but did not pass the Quality Assurance check that is being completed, which is resulting in no data showing up in the file.

Per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) COVID-19 reporting webpage for nursing homes, data quality checks are performed on submitted data to identify where facilities may have entered incorrect data. Facilities that do not pass these checks will not have their data included in the CMS data set. They will have a “Y” for “Yes” related to submitting data, but in the next column, “Passed Quality Assurance Check,” these facilities will have an “N” in their column to show that they submitted erroneous data.

It is a good idea to go back and check CASPER to see if you have gotten any notices regarding your data submission if you see that your facility’s data is not showing for specific weeks.

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