New CDC Online Training – Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease

The January 31, 2019 MLNConnects Newsletter included information on a CDC training program related to preventing Legionnaire’s Disease. Please see the following details:

Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease: Water Management Program Training

Did you know? The number of people with Legionnaires’ disease grew 5.5 times from 2000 to 2017 and is deadly for 25% of people who get it from a health care facility. Ninety percent of the problems that cause Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks could have been prevented with more effective water management. Help prevent outbreaks by taking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) new online training: Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease: A Training on Legionella Water Management Programs:

Target Audience:

  • Public health professionals, including infection preventionists
  • Building managers, maintenance/engineering staff, and safety officers
  • Equipment and water treatment suppliers, as well as consultants

Learn more about Legionnaires’ disease on the CDC Environmental Health Services webpage.

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