Update from the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care

MLN Connects hosted its monthly call on August 19th, 2014. Here are some of the highlights that post-acute and long term care providers should be aware of:

  • Focus dementia care survey pilot – As we mentioned previously, this small pilot is underway across the country. Five states that have volunteered to participate are each conducting 5 of this new special survey format.
  • Reduction in antipsychotics in nursing homes – A >17% reduction in the use of antipsychotics in these facilities has been achieved!
  • Study results of what’s important during care transitions  – one of the presenters outlined the factors that were considered to be most important to patients and caregivers, which include:
    • Assistance with medication self-management
    • A patient-centered recorded owned and maintained by the patient to facilitate cross-site information transfer
    • Timely follow-up with primary or specialty care
    • A list of “red flags” indicative of a worsening condition and instructions on how to respond to them

The slides from this call are available on the CMS website.

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