Susan Berry, LCSW

Susan Berry, CMS Compliance Group

Susan Berry, LCSW


Susan Berry, LCSW, has an extensive background in long-term care, with experience in counseling and psychotherapy, resident assessment, discharge planning, nursing home placement, performance improvement and in-service training. She works with the social services teams of CMSCG clients to ensure that they have the proper systems in place for advance directives and care transitions to ensure the highest quality of care. Susan assists with behavior management care planning, discharge planning processes, the PASARR process, as well as resourcing finding.

Prior to joining CMS Compliance Group, Susan was a Senior Consultant with AGIN Inc. Susan has also worked as a Clinical Administrator of Social Services, Director of Social Services and social worker in a variety of long-term care facilities and as a private practice psychotherapist. Susan holds a Master of Social Work from the Adelphi University School of Social Work, and a Bachelor of Social Work from Adelphi University. She is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, the National Association of Social Workers and a Member of the Committee on Aging Suffolk NASW.