Ftag of the Week – F553 Right to Participate in Planning Care

Since this is the first week of December, that means that Phase 2 of the RoPs and the new Long-Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) are officially effective. This week’s “Ftag of the Week” is F553 Right to Participate in Planning Care, which incorporates two Ftags from the pre-November 28 Ftag list, F154 Informed of Health Status, Care & Treatment and F280 Right to Participate in Planning Care – Revise CP.

F553 states that residents have the right to participate in the development/implementation of his or her person-centered plan of care, including:

  • Identifying who should be included in the care planning process
  • Requesting care plan meetings
  • Requesting care plan revisions
  • Participating in establishing goals and outcomes of care as well as any other factors related to the effectiveness of the care plan
  • Being informed in advance to changes to the care plan
  • Seeing the care plan – including the right to sign off on it after a significant change has been made

In addition to the resident’s rights related to care planning, the care plan process itself must be facilitated in a way that maximizes the resident’s participation. This includes resident representative participation especially when the resident is unable to participate. It also requires that an assessment of the resident’s strengths and needs be conducted and that the resident’s personal and cultural preferences are included in developing care plan goals.

The emphasis on person-centered care has been frequently highlighted since the RoPs were updated, and regulations such as this one mandate that the resident’s goals and preferences are identified during the care planning process. Residents and their representatives must be afforded the opportunity to participate to ensure that the plan of care, as per the Interpretive Guidance, “enables the resident to live with dignity and supports the resident’s goals, choices and preferences, including, but not limited to, goals related to their daily routines and goals to potentially return to a community setting.” Some of this information will be identified within 48 hours of admission when the Baseline Care Plan is being developed, but the resident’s inclusion does not stop there.

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