Linda Elizaitis discusses F-tag revisions & their impact on SNFS (ADVANCE for LTC Management)

CMS Compliance Group President Linda Elizaitis’ article on the revisions to F-155, F-309 and F-322 and what they really mean for your skilled nursing facility is a May featured article for ADVANCE for Long Term Care Management. To view the article, please visit the ADVANCE website.

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  1. Mary McGill

    Thank you for providing the excellent resource materials related to the topics in the newletter. This is long term care at its best. I am interested in infection control practices specific to conjunctivitis and c-diff in long term care. Many long term care nurses have varying views on infection control practices in long term care and I would like to clarify this. Thank You Mary McGill

    1. CMSCG

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your kind comment! We are putting together some information regarding your questions and will get back to you shortly.

      The CMSCG Team

  2. CMSCG

    Hi Mary,

    Good question, as there are a variety of thoughts on what type of precautions to use for these two infections. I think that your best course of action is to follow the CDC guidelines for Isolation – standard precautions for conjunctivitis and contact precautions for c diff. I am providing you with a reference document that has the type of precautions to be used in Appendix A – page 94-116. The pdf can be viewed at this link: http://cmscompliancegroup.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Isolation2007-CDC-guidelines1.pdf

    Kind regards, Linda

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